Manuel Huertas



Xiaomi Collabs


Art Direction: Manuel Huertas

Copywriter: Olga Lahnova



In 2020 Xiaomi's flagship, the 10T and 10T PRO, were finally launched on the Russian market.

The 10T is one of the most powerful creative phones ever released for one purpose: to expand your creativity. As part of the launch campaign, we proposed to our client to partner with many brands that promote art in variable ways, from clothing, an artistic wine look-book (working hand by hand with the world famous photographer Timothy Sacentti, from New York), to protect the last natural reserves of Baikal national valley.

We present Xiaomi x Outlaw // Xiaomi x Simplewine // Xiaomi x WWF

Collab x Tim Saccenti

The next pictures where made for the official wine look-book project. The visual execution was totally crafted and made by us, working together remotely with Tim's expertise.

*All the pictures where made with the 10T camera, without any specials effects or retouch.