Manuel Huertas


I'm a Senior Art Director, graphic design teacher, and

filmmaker currently based in Moscow, Russia.

Peruvian, so ceviche in my heart all the way.

I'm also an expert in playing video games in hard difficulty,

I have the record of eating 127 sushi rolls in one night,

but what I really love with all my soul, are the cheeseburgers.

I worked in the cold ice Moscow, Russia for a couple of

years under -30 degrees, in a big castle called BBDO,

where I met great people and I did amazing stuff as art director. I walked through the Himalayas on my own, faced strong sandstorms riding a weird camel in Abu Dhabi, and I also took refuge in a Bangladeshi airport to protect myself from the enemy fire. But still, I haven't managed

to see any alien so far.

I fulfilled my dream of driving my own motorcycle, studied film direction, and worked in one of the best independent agencies in Peru.

After all of this, I returned to Proximity BBDO Moscow and now I'm art directing and producing cool work!

I'm always open to new opportunities, to learn and of course to give the best of me as a professional, designer, art director and the most important part, as a human.

100% SPA / 100% ENG / 100% POR / 35% RUS