Manuel Huertas



Lay's Season 2018


Creative Director: Artem Ivanov

Copywriter: Ivan Zabazhanov

Art Director: Manuel Huertas

Film Director: Antoni Nykowski

DOP: Michal Dabal


BBDO Moscow

BBDO was in charge of preparing the regional campaign

for all the Lay’s products in 2018.

This campaign is going to be shown in different countries

like Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and many more, so the task was to deliver

a modular TVC, that can work like as a single 10" spot or as a continuing

30" storyline with a teleport style twist.

We decided to use artistic techniques that are aesthetically

attractive, intervening the scenes with 2D effects that make evident the

sensations that each different flavor of Lay's provokes with the stories we

want to tell.

The campaign was active during 2018-2019 and was successful with

92% of engagement in the main countries where it was presented.