Manuel Huertas



Spotify Launch


Client: Dace Berzins

Art Director: Manuel Huertas

Copywriter: Andris Balodis



Freelance work developed for the launch of Spotify in Riga, Latvia with

the support of the regional government + the Capital Bank.

The task was to create posters with the concept of legends, like epic trophies, something that will last forever in your favorite shelf.

The "Legends" campaign was created tracking the 6 most listened artists

by the Latvians: Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Cilla Black, Elvis Presley,

Bob Marley and David Bowie among others.

Using 3D printing + photography + painting, the posters were created hand-crafted to show passion for the music, as all the people who can, starting from

January 2019, enjoy their favorite music across all Latvia for the first time.

Also, a modular graphic system was created for the use of the brand in the first months of 2019 launch window.

*Graphic design translated to English from Latvian.